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The Top 5 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster

Monday, September 16, 2019   /   by Kelly Stark

The Top 5 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home in Lubbock (or anywhere) can be an exhausting feat!  There are too many variables you have to juggle to leave the sale of your home up to chance.  We'd like to think we've done this for a long time, and we have home selling down to a science.  But, the truth is-- there are so many things that come into play when selling a home.  One thing remains the same with every sale, sellers want to know:

"How Do I Sell My Home Faster?"

If we had the answer to this--  we'd be billionaires!  Instead, we minimize the variables to reduce the days your home sits on the market.  It has taken almost a decade to perfect the home sale process, but we're as close as we can get to streamlined, efficient real estate process to get your home noticed, get traffic to your listing and a fierce negotiating process to get your home closed.  That's how we got our Top 10 ranking in Lubbock for our Real Estate Experience according to The Lubbock Association of Realtors.

Here are Our Top 5 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster:

1)  Sell With a Realtor
There are those who get lucky selling their home on their own known as FSBO (For Sale By Owner).  The truth is, it's not common to sell your home on your home with so many variables that can go wrong.  In fact, it's dangerous.  How can you sell your home faster when you don't have the resources that Realtors have to reduce liability, pricing comps and real estate networking?  We see it all too often-- people are more interested in saving a few thousand and then lose A LOT more in legal and other fees due to lack of experience.  Don't risk it.  Please, don't.  AT LEAST have a conversation with a licensed agent who can give you some real insight!

2)  To Pays Well To Price Well
Do you know why homes sit on the market a lot longer than the market average?  I'm sure there's a bunch of factors depending on the area-- but pricing is always the first major problem.  How do you sell a home faster when the price is the highest in the neighborhood?  Here's the truth-- we want to sell your home as much as you do!  Maybe even more! We lose sleep over homes that aren't getting traffic like they should.  It's just because we care so much about our clients, their families and their asset.  We aren't in the business of sugar coating your "selling price" because you are going to be really upset when we try to sell your home at top dollar and we fall really short. We have strategic methods to look at the numbers behind your home--  location, average selling price, upgrades, days on the market, features, etc to determine a real selling price that makes you happy and allows us to get the job done-- correctly!

3)  Declutter
Have you ever seen a home for sale that has so much stuff that you can't even tell how big the room really is? When The Hebison Team does our initial listing presentation, we walk your home and we give you detailed strategy on how to make your home "market ready."  This includes tips for clearing out the clutter, adding or removing furniture to accent a space and updates we'd like to see in the home to make it sell faster.  The bigger you can make your home appear--  the better potential offers you'll receive because there's a lot more someone can do with a wide-open, blank canvas!

4)  The Payola Is In The Pictures
We have all seen it-- a real estate agent that take pictures with their cell phone and posts them to sell your home.  <** Please give us a few seconds to regain composure.. **>  Here's the deal-- if your agent can't get professional photos of your home, you need to give them the boot.  Really, professional pictures are the FIRST thing people see of your home to get them interested in seeing the interior in person.  It's not worth saving a couple hundred to use cell phone pictures to sell your home.  BECAUSE---  your home won't sell.  Period.

5)  Tag & Share

One favor we ask our sellers--  tag and share your listing!  Our clients say they don't know a lot of people, or no one would be interested in my home.  Do you know how many times we hear that?  Do you know how many times they are wrong?  We aren't necessarily selling to your "Aunt Suzy," but you might be surprised that 5 of "Aunt Suzy's" friends would LOVE to live in your neighborhood or closer to "Aunt Suzy."  We cannot even count how many times with our marketing strategy coupled with our seller marketing--  we've been able to reach neighbors, friends and co-workers 

So Now What?
Do you want to sell your home faster?  We're the experts of information and education to give you a leg up in the real estate market.  We're the brains behind targeted marketing with our expert real estate strategist who puts your home in front of the eyes who need to see it. Our sellers' homes sit on the market less than the industry standard.  Call or text us (806) 340-7452 to have a simple discussion about what The Hebison Team does to sell your home faster and for its best potential offer!