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What Parents Need To Know About Off-Campus Living in Lubbock, Texas!

Tuesday, March 26, 2024   /   by Kent Hebison

What Parents Need To Know About Off-Campus Living in Lubbock, Texas!

Parents of college students considering off-campus living in Lubbock, Texas should be aware of several important factors to ensure their child's safety, well-being and academic success while at Texas Tech University. Knowledge is power and we often get calls about investing in homes while your child is in college versus simply renting. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Safety: While off-campus living offers independence, safety should be a priority. There are some neighborhoods that are highly coveted, close to campus but pricey! Only someone who lives in Lubbock can actually suggest other areas you might not know about that is much more in your price range with all the college expenses you assume. Research the neighborhood's crime rates, distance to work and school as well as lighting, security cameras and secure entry systems.

  2. Housing Options: So many families rent with little to show for all that money once their student graduates. There are so many great opportunities, within your budget, to buy a home or even flip the space for rental property later on to add to your portfolio. Lubbock offers a variety of off-campus housing options including apartments, private houses and rental units. Imagine actually owning a small rental home, close to campus that you can later AIRBnB or rent to other students. A real investment opportunity awaits-- we'd love to talk with you about it!!

  3. Transportation: Determine the accessibility of transportation options such as public transit, biking routes, and parking availability. Ensure your child can easily commute to campus and other essential locations.

  4. Budgeting: Help your child create a realistic budget that covers rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, and other expenses. Encourage them to track their spending and prioritize financial responsibility.

  5. Roommates: Discuss the importance of choosing compatible roommates who share similar lifestyles, habits, and values. There are several "roommate placement" resources on campus to match your student with someone with similar habits at the Housing Center. Encourage open communication and establish clear expectations regarding rent, chores, and shared expenses.

  6. Legal Considerations: This!!!! Familiarize yourself and your child with local rental laws, tenant rights, and landlord responsibilities in Lubbock. Being completely familiar with the TAA leases and policies will help you avoid unnecessary charges down the road. Renters insurance is widely overlooked, but we can't even begin to tell you how many times we've seen damages occur that aren't covered. It's so inexpensive but so so so worth it!!

  7. Emergency Preparedness: Discuss emergency procedures and ensure your child knows how to respond in case of fire, severe weather or other emergencies. Lubbock has weird weather--- the local joke is wait 15 minutes and you'll go from rain to hail to sunshine to snow. (We've seen it happen!) Provide your child with important contact information including local emergency services, campus security and trusted neighbors.

  8. Health and Wellness: Encourage your child to prioritize their physical and mental health while living off-campus. Lubbock, Texas is known for their parks! Most are located in great locations while some on quite remote. It may benefit you to have a process when your student walks their dog or runs a trail to text their friend, roommate or family member to ensure their location safety. Remind them to register with a local healthcare provider, practice self-care habits, and seek support from campus counseling services if needed.

It's a major transition to move off campus and weigh your options! We know it's a challenge to find the best fit living situation, so we're here to help any way we can! By considering these factors and actively supporting your child's transition to off-campus living in Lubbock, Texas, you can help ensure a positive and successful college experience.